Waste Not: Common Sense Ways to Reduce Methane Pollution from the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Clean Air Task Force | Natural Resources Defense Council | Sierra Club
http://catf.us/resources/publications/view/206 (Report Summary)

[Common Dreams] A new report from leading climate advocates today shows how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can cut climate warming methane pollution in half, while dramatically reducing harmful, wasteful air pollution from the oil and gas industry at the same time, by issuing federal standards for methane pollution based on available, low-cost technologies and practices…

Most of the industry’s methane pollution comes from leaks and intentional venting that can be identified and curbed with existing, low-cost technology and better maintenance practices. This report zeroes in on the biggest sources of methane emissions in the sector and identifies the readily available control measures: finding and fixing leaks, controlling emissions from compressors and other equipment, and stopping the venting of methane from wells.

The methane standards recommended in the report would cut up to 10 times more methane and up to four times more smog-forming pollutants than alternative approaches, because methane standards would apply to oil and gas infrastructure across the country, not just to equipment located in selected areas…

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