World Energy Outlook 2013

International Energy Agency (Fee-based document; RFFers may open it on OECD iLibrary — see library landing page for login information — username and password)

[From a Climate Wire article by Daniel Cusick, sub. req’d]   A dramatic expansion of renewable energy production worldwide, combined with government and private-sector incentives to move away from carbon-intensive fossil fuels, will be the key driver of the world’s energy economy over the next two decades, a report issued today by the International Energy Agency says.

Yet even with a substantial expansion of wind, solar, geothermal and other clean energy sources, “fossil fuels [will] continue to meet a dominant share of global energy demand with implications for the links between energy, the environment and climate change,” IEA said in its latest World Energy Outlook examining energy markets through 2035.

“This leaves the world on a trajectory consistent with a long-term average temperature increase of 3.6 degrees Celsius, far above the internationally agreed 2 degree Celsius target,” IEA said…

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