The National Adaptation Programme: Making the Country Resilient to a Changing Climate

UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

[Business Green] The Government has today published its official National Adaptation Programme, detailing the work that is underway to enhance the UK’s resilience to a changing climate and highlighting the significant commercial opportunity adaptation projects offer.

The 182 page report provides no information of new adaptation policies, but does offer an overview of a wide-range of on-going public and private sector efforts to improve resilience to extreme weather events and a changing climate, including details of the government’s planned flood protection investments and an insight into proposed improvements to rail, building, and water infrastructure.

The report argues there is a compelling case for greater business investment in climate adaptation measures, citing OECD research that suggests every £1 spent on adaptation could represent four times its value in potential damages avoided.

The report also notes that the floods of 2007 resulted in costs to businesses of £740m with average costs per affected business reaching £100,000. It adds that some businesses took over half a year to return to normal operations, while others did not survive…


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