Water Treatment Contaminants: Toxic Trash in Drinking Water

Environmental Working Group

[Association of California Water Agencies] The Environmental Working Group issued a report Feb. 27 focused on disinfection byproducts in drinking water.

The report, called “Water Treatment Contaminants: Toxic Trash in Drinking Water,” suggests that consumers are being exposed to disinfection byproducts, especially trihalomethanes (THMs), at greater concentrations than most people realize and questions the safety of current drinking water standards for THMs and other byproducts…

The EWG report features data from 201 large water systems in 43 states, including California. The data is based on average levels of THMS and haloacetic acids for the year 2011 as reported in 2012 Consumer Confidence Reports. Levels from 32 systems in California are included.

Only one of the systems studied by EWG – a system in Iowa – reported a level that exceeded EPA standards for THMs in drinking water.


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