Aviation Report: Market Based Mechanisms to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Aviation

World Wildlife Fund (dated 2012)

[Business Green]  …A new report published today by WWF assesses the four market-based measures currently being considered [to curb greenhouse gases emitted by international aviation]: offsetting, offsetting with a revenue generating mechanism, a cap-and-trade scheme and a fuel levy with offsetting.

It finds all options are technically and economically feasible, although the latter three are deemed capable of cutting emissions more cost-effectively, while at the same time generating between $3.6bn and $26.3bn of funding to help developing countries combat climate change by 2030. Importantly, all three would also ensure a level playing field for airlines, according to WWF.

However, the group goes on to warn that without an international deal this year emissions will not only continue to rise, but airlines would also find themselves subject to the kind of patchwork of legislation that has already been blamed for souring relations between the EU and the US and China. Beijing allegedly cancelled a $14bn order with Airbus to highlight its displeasure with EU rules that charged carriers based on the amount of carbon emitted on all flights in and out of its airports.

Samantha Smith, leader of the WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative, said there has “never been a more opportune time” to solve the issue and insisted a deal was in reach.

“We invite governments to end 10 years of delay and reach a global deal on aviation,” she said. “We just need the political will and courage to make a global market-based measure happen.”


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