Point of No Return: the Massive Climate Threats We Must Avoid

Greenpeace | Ecofys / by Ria Voorhar & Lauri Myllyvirta

[Business Green] … Point of No Return study from Greenpeace and Ecofys…analyses the 14 largest fossil fuel projects currently in the planning pipeline around the world, including proposals for giant open cast coal mines in China and Australia, plans to increase offshore oil and gas extraction in the Arctic and off the coast of Brazil, and highly controversial plans to expand development of Canada’s tar sands.

Taken together, the report calculates that the projects have the potential to add 6.3 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions a year by 2020, resulting in the release of 300 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent through to 2050.

Ecosys predicts that the projects would result in a 20 per cent increase in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and eat up a third of the carbon budget that the International Energy Agency warned last year must be kept to if the world is to stand a reasonable chance of limiting temperature increases to 2ºC…


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