Valuing the Ocean [book preview]

Stockholm Environment Institute / edited by Kevin Noone, Rashid Sumaila
and Robert J Díaz (executive summary, extended summary versions and previews of selected chapters)

[From Valuing the Ocean Environment: Economic perspectives chapter]  …By 2050, the value of these important climate impacts [to fisheries, sea-level rise, storms, tourism, ocean carbon sink — Chris] is estimated to be more than four times higher under a high emissions, high impact scenario. By 2100, the cost of damage if we follow the high emission pathway rises to USD 1,980 billion, equivalent to 0.37 percent of global GDP. The difference between the two scenarios, or the amount that can be saved by lowering emissions, is well over a trillion dollars per year by 2100, equivalent to 0.25 percent of GDP. It is this difference – the avoidable damages – that policy-makers should take particular note of, and that should be included in the complex web of climate change accounting…


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