Supplement to the AB 32 Scoping Plan Functional Equivalent Document

California EPA, Air Resources Board

[From a ClimateWire story by Debra Kahn, sub. req’d]  California regulators have revised their analysis of alternatives to cap and trade in the wake of last month’s court decision that found the groundwork for the nation’s first economywide greenhouse gas trading system insufficient…

[San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ernest] Goldsmith originally ordered work on the cap-and-trade system to halt, but the 1st Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal stayed the injunction last week .

The new version is significantly longer than the original analysis, which identifies five alternatives to the cap-and-trade program.

Since Goldsmith did not object to the number or type of alternatives in the original analysis, ARB staff simply expanded the discussion of each one. The new document is now out for public comment for 45 days, after which the ARB will vote in August on the overall “scoping plan,” including the new alternatives analysis, that lays out the path to 2020 emissions levels…


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