Post-Partisan Power: How a Limited and Direct Approach to Energy Innovation Can Deliver Cheap, Clean Energy Can Deliver Economic Prosperity and National Prosperity

American Enterprise Institute, Breakthrough Institute / by By Steven F. Hayward, Mark Muro, Ted Nordhaus, Michael Shellenberger

[From a Climate Wire article by Saqib Rahim, subscription required] A paper out today says energy innovation is the way to bridge the partisan divide. The report presents a $25 billion package of energy research, education and government contracts to make clean energy cheaper — and not make fossil energy pricier.

It was authored by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Brookings Institution and the Breakthrough Institute. This last group’s president, Michael Shellenberger, called it “the first time a conservative think tank has come out for an investment in energy technology this large.”

… it includes a $4- to $5-per-ton carbon tax as a way to fund the $25 billion initiative. Or the government could raise taxes on foreign oil or electricity. None of these would increase energy prices substantially, the report says.

Michael Levi’s take:


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