California Drought: 2014 Service Service

US NOAA [From a Climate Wire article by Debra Kahn, sub. req’d] Record-high temperatures in California last year exacerbated the state’s severe drought, according to a study by federal and university researchers. In October 2013, about 11 percent of the state was in “extreme” or “exceptional” drought condition. By September 2014, severe drought had … Continue reading

Short-Lived Promise? The Science and Policy of Cumulative and Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Climate Dynamics Group, University of Oxford / by Myles Allen [From Press Release]  …Author Myles Allen, Professor of Geosystem Science, spells out the difference between short-lived climate pollutants (such as methane, which has an atmospheric lifetime of about a decade) and CO2 emissions (which have an indefinite lifetime). In the paper he clarifies why … Continue reading

Uncertainty in the Cost-Effectiveness of Federal Air Quality Regulations

Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis (2015, v6 n1 p66–111; doi:10.1017/bca.2015.7) / by Kerry Krutilla, David Good and John Graham [From a Greenwire article by Amanda Peterka, sub. req’d] Estimates of the number of lives saved by federal air regulations are highly uncertain, researchers from Indiana University concluded in a new study. The team, which included … Continue reading

Atmospheric Emission Characterization of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development Sites

Environmental Science & Technology (April 21, 2015; DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b00452) / by J. Douglas Goetz, et al. [Philly Voice] In a newly published report in the Environmental Science & Technology journal, scientists from [Carnegie Mellon] university’s chemistry, civil, architectural and environmental engineering departments, as well as other researchers, measured the air quality in and around fracking wells in … Continue reading

25% of Cars Produce About 90% of Traffic-related Pollution: Univ. of Toronto Study

Plume-based Analysis of Vehicle Fleet Air Pollutant Emissions and the Contribution from High Emitters Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (2015,v8, p2881-2912; doi:10.5194/amtd-8-2881-2015 / by J.M. Wang, et al. [Boston Globe] A recent study conducted by University of Toronto researchers found that just 25 percent of cars they measured produced about 90 percent of the total traffic-related air pollution… … Continue reading

A Policymaker’s Guide to Comprehensive State Energy Planning

National Conference of State Legislatures …This guide introduces policymakers to state energy planning and explores legislative approaches to developing an effective plan. The document also investigates the reasons for and goals behind these efforts, highlighting state case studies where useful. This report was developed under the direction of the NCSL Task Force on Energy … Continue reading