Running Dry: The U.S. Southwest’s Drift into a Drier Climate State

Geophysical Research Letters (Feb. 4, 2016; DOI: 10.1002/2015GL066727) / by Andreas F. Prein, et al. Changes in precipitation have far-reaching consequences on human society and ecosystems as has been demonstrated by recent severe droughts in California and the Oklahoma region. Droughts are beside tropical cyclones the most costly weather and climate related extreme events … Continue reading

Cutting Electric Bills with the Clean Power Plan: EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy Lowers Household Bills

Synapse / by Pat Knight, et al. [Biomass Magazine] Synapse Energy Economics Inc., a research and consulting firm, recently released a new report that reveals how EPA’s Clean Power Plan can reduce emissions and consumer electric bills. The report published on Jan. 14, “Cutting Electric Bills with the Clean Power Plan,” examines state-by-state impacts … Continue reading

Will We Ever Stop Using Fossil Fuels?

Journal of Economic Perspectives (Winter 2016, v30 n1 p117-38; DOI: 10.1257/jep.30.1.117) / by Thomas Covert, et al. (working paper version) [From a Climate Wire article by Gayathri Vaidyanathan, sub. req’d] Nations will not wean themselves off fossil fuels in the next century unless there are aggressive government policies to prod them, according to … Continue reading

Simulating the Impact on Health of Internalising the Cost of Carbon in Food Prices Combined with a Tax on Sugarsweetened Beverages

BMC Public Health (2016 V16 p107; DOI 10.1186/s12889-016-2723-8) / by Adam D.M.Briggs, et al. Background Rising greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs) have implications for health and up to 30 % of emissions globally are thought to arise from agriculture. Synergies exist between diets low in GHGEs and health however some foods have the opposite relationship, … Continue reading

GHG Emissions Associated with Two Proposed Natural Gas Transmission Lines in Virginia: Summary of GHG Emission Estimates

Sierra Club [Sierra Club] A few days ago, the Forest Service rejected a destructive pathway Dominion Energy had proposed for the $5 billion “Atlantic Coast Pipeline” the company wants to build to carry natural gas from fracking in the Marcellus shale field in northern West Virginia to power plants along the coast of Virginia … Continue reading

Mapping the Gap: The Road From Paris

Ceres | New Energy Finance (Free download with registration) [Green Energy Congress]  To reach the level of investment in new renewable power generation needed to avert dangerous climate change, $12.1 trillion of investment will be needed over the next 25 years—$5.2 trillion above business-as-usual projections—according to a new report by Ceres and Bloomberg New … Continue reading