The Role of Industry in Forging Green Cities

Institute for Industrial Productivity [From a Climate Wire article by Daniel Cusick, sub. req’d] …many of the world’s fastest-growing urban areas are experiencing high levels of industrial-sector greenhouse gases from steel mills, cement plants, oil refineries, chemical manufacturers and other facilities. “There is a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with these the … Continue reading

The Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan on Electricity Generation and Water Use in Texas: Additional Analysis

CNA Analysis & Solutions /  by Paul Faeth [From a Greenwire article by Annie Snider, sub. req’d] Allowing Texas to implement U.S. EPA’s plan to lower carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants more slowly would bring a steep cut in the amount of water consumed in the state, according to a new study … Continue reading

Know Your Oil: Creating a Global Oil Climate Index

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | Stanford University | University of Calgary [Oil and Gas Journal]  Researchers at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Stanford University, and the University of Calgary unveiled the first Oil Climate Index to compare various crude oils’ environmental impacts from the wellhead to the consumer. They conceded their analysis … Continue reading

Understanding Nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and Implications for Management and Restoration — the Eastern Shore

US Geological Survey / By Scott W. Ator and Judith M. Denver [From an E&E News PM article by Tiffany Stecker, sub. req’d] The Chesapeake Bay’s heavily farmed Eastern Shore contributes twice as much nutrient pollution per square mile of land than other parts of the sprawling watershed, the U.S. Geological Survey said in a report … Continue reading

Salience of Carbon Taxes in the Gasoline Market

University of Ottawa – Graduate School of Public and International Affairs | Ivey Business School / by Nicholas Rivers and Brandon Schaufele We demonstrate that the carbon tax imposed by the Canadian province of British Columbia caused a decline in short-run gasoline demand that is significantly greater than would be expected from an equivalent increase … Continue reading

Carbon Pricing Has a Minimal Effect on Competitiveness: British Study

Asymmetric Industrial Energy Prices and International Trade Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy | Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment / by Misato Sato and Antoine Dechezleprêtre In a paper with a title that is sure to get your pulses racing – Asymmetric industrial energy prices and international trade – they tried to quantify the … Continue reading