Predictable, Very High-impact Storms Possible for Tampa FL, Cairns Australia and Dubai UAE: Princeton/MIT Study

Grey Swan Tropical Cyclones (non-subscribers can read but not download full-text) Nature Climate Change (Aug. 31;doi:10.1038/nclimate2777) / by Ning Lin and Kerry Emanuel [Washington Post] [The authors] demonstrate that when it comes to three global cities in particular — Tampa, Fla., Cairns, Australia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates — there could come a storm that … Continue reading

Internationally-Tradable Permits Can Be Riskier for a Country than an Internally-Imposed Carbon Price

Belfer Center, Kennedy School, Harvard Univ. / by Martin L. Weitzman This paper compares internationally-tradeable permits with a uniform carbon price, as seen through the lens of an individual country. To ensure a level playing field, these two approaches are initially calibrated to be welfare-equivalent for the country in a deterministic setting. While both … Continue reading

Energy Storage Study: Funding and and Knowledge Sharing Priorities

AECOM for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency [Computer World] An energy storage study claims that prices for certain battery technologies will plunge by as much as 60% over the next five years. The report was prepared by Australian consultancy AECOM and published by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The 130-page study, originally published … Continue reading

Building Energy Access Markets: A Value Chain Analysis of Key Energy Market Systems

European Union Energy Initiative [GreenBiz] Developing nations encounter multifaceted challenges when they seek to create clean-energy infrastructure…Development professionals can use the framework in this report to identify solutions on a nation-by-nation basis. Once a framework has been created for each nation, stakeholders can work together to improve energy investment and access by using a … Continue reading

Carbon Asset Risk: Discussion Framework — WRI and UNEP-FI Portfolio Carbon Initiative

World Resources Institute | UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative [] …Climate change is a risk that, while significant, is oftentimes misunderstood by the financial community. A warmer world introduces new, complex and interwoven layers of risks ranging from physical, financial, regulatory and reputational. So WRI and the UNEP Finance Initiative worked with more than … Continue reading

How Did Air Quality Standards Affect Employment and Generation at U.S. Power Plants? The Importance of Stringency, Geography, and Timing

National Center for Environmental Economics, US EPA / by Glenn Sheriff, Ann E. Ferris, Ronald J. Shadbegian Policy makers are keenly interested in environmental regulation’s employment impacts. Empirical research has relied on restrictive assumptions regarding institutional structure and definition of the regulated sector that can lead to mis-characterization of which plants get regulated, when … Continue reading

Effects of Recent Energy Price Reductions on U.S. Agriculture

USDA Economic Research Service / by Kandice Marshall, Stephanie Riche, Ralph Seeley, and Paul Westcott Over the last half of 2014, energy prices, including crude oil and natural gas, fell sharply and are expected to remain low at least through 2016. Lower energy prices will benefit the agricultural sector mainly via lower production and … Continue reading