The Value of Solar in Vermont

The Value of Distributed Generation: Solar PV in Vermont Acadia Center [Fierce Energy] …A new study from Acadia Center quantifies the grid and societal benefits of solar photovoltaic systems (solar PV) in Vermont. Establishing the value of distributed resources is increasingly important as states explore ways to meet energy needs and deploy clean energy … Continue reading

Hidden Carbon Sink Beneath Desert

Geophysical Research Letters (July 28, 2015; DOI: 10.1002/2015GL064222) / by Fan Li, et al. For decades, global carbon budget accounting has identified a “missing” or “residual” terrestrial sink; i.e., carbon dioxide (CO2) released by anthropogenic activities does not match changes observed in the atmosphere and ocean. We discovered a potentially large carbon sink in … Continue reading

Low-Carbon Electricity Pathways for the U.S. and the South: An Assessment of Costs and Options

Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy / by Marilyn Brown, et al. Since the release of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), stakeholders across the U.S. have vigorously debated the pros and cons of different options for reducing CO2 emissions from existing power plants. By providing energy modeling relevant to these decisions, the … Continue reading

Pleistocene Relative Sea Levels in the Chesapeake Bay Region and their Implications for the Next Century

GSA Today (August 2015) / by Benjamin D. DeJong, et al. Today, relative sea-level rise (3.4 mm/yr) is faster in the Chesapeake Bay region than any other location on the Atlantic coast of North America, and twice the global average eustatic rate (1.7 mm/yr). Dated interglacial deposits suggest that relative sea levels in the … Continue reading

The Costs of Inaction: Recognising the Value at Risk from Climate Change

Economist Intelligence Unit [The Guardian] Private investors stand to lose $4.2 trillion (£2.7trillion, Dh15.4 trillion) on the value of their holdings from the impact of climate change by 2100 even if global warming is held at plus 2C, a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has warned. If firm action is not taken at … Continue reading

Capacity and Energy in the Integrated Grid

Electric Power Research Institute [From Abstract] It is commonly understood that electric energy is generated at power plants and delivered to consumers over a network of power lines. Less familiar are those capabilities required from wires, transformers, generators, and other power-system equipment to constantly meet consumers’ dynamic demand for electric energy. These capabilities are often … Continue reading

Oversight Hearing on “An Analysis of the Obama Administration’s Social Cost of Carbon”

US House of Representatives, Committee on Natural Resources July 22, 2015 10:00 AM Watch the Archived Hearing Webcast Oversight Hearing on: “An Analysis of the Obama Administration’s Social Cost of Carbon” Hearing Memo [From a Greenwire article by Jean Chemnick, sub. req’d] After years of clamoring for additional information about the closed-door process that … Continue reading

Synthetic Coral Could Help Clean the Oceans of Toxic Heavy Metals

Self-curled Coral-like Y-Al2O3 Nanoplates for Use as an Adsorbent Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (September 1, 2015, v453, p244–251; doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2015.03.065 [Yale Environment 360] Chinese researchers have constructed a type of synthetic coral that could help remove toxic heavy metals like mercury from the ocean, according to a report in the Journal of Colloid … Continue reading