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Climate Change Scoping Plan (Final Version of Proposed Update): California Air Resources Board

California Air Resources Board http://bit.ly/1sBi2UF [Green Car Congress]  The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has released the final version of the proposed First Update to the Climate Change Scoping Plan (First Update). The draft version was released in February… The First Update includes additional clarification and edits to reflect comments received by ARB over the past several … Continue reading

Governors’ Guide to Modernizing the Electric Power Grid

National Governors Association http://bit.ly/1vfNKeo [Executive Summary] Governors have a strong interest in ensuring that the electric power grid functions safely, reliably, and efficiently. Although it functions well overall and utilities have made many upgrades, the grid needs modern technologies and new infrastructure to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, including mitigating increased … Continue reading

Workforce Issues and Energy Efficiency Programs: A Plan for California’s Utilities

UC Berkeley, Donald Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy for the California Public Utilities Commission http://bit.ly/1lviGPE [Phys.org] California’s investor-owned utilities, the companies that supply about 75 percent of state residents with gas and electricity, need to strengthen certification requirements for contractors and their workers if the state’s energy-efficiency programs are going to pay real dividends … Continue reading

Summary of a Workshop on Mississippi River Water Quality Science and Interstate Collaboration

National Academy Press http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=18797 [This report] summarizes presentations and discussions of Mississippi River and basin water quality management, monitoring, and evaluation programs that took place at a workshop that was held in St. Louis on November 18-19, 2013. The workshop examined a wide array of challenges and progress in water quality monitoring and evaluation in … Continue reading

Review of State Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Development, and Production (E&P) Solid Waste Management Regulations

US EPA (dated “April 1, 2014″) / by Patrick M. Kelly http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/nonhaz/industrial/special/oil/state_summaries_040114.pdf [Sidley Austin LLP] The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent “Review of State Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Development, and Production (E&P) Solid Waste Management Regulations” asserts there are gaps in state regulatory programs to address solid waste from oil and gas development, citing … Continue reading

The Program Administrator Cost of Saved Energy for Utility Customer-Funded Energy Efficiency Programs

US DOE, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (dated “March 2014″) / by Megan A. Billingsley, et al. http://1.usa.gov/Qbw3M4 (includes webinar) http://emp.lbl.gov/sites/all/files/lbnl-6595e.pdf (report only) [EDF Energy Exchange blog] …A March 2014 study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reviewed 1,700 energy efficiency programs in 31 states over a three-year period (including 170 Ohio programs). The researchers found that … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: A New Progress Report on State Experience

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy  / by Annie Downs and Celia Cui http://aceee.org/research-report/u1403 Description: In the absence of federal requirements for energy savings, states are leading the way with effective, forward-looking energy efficiency policies. More than half of them have adopted energy efficiency resource standards (EERS), policies that set long-term mandatory energy savings targets … Continue reading