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Fact Sheet: Polling the American Public on Climate Change

Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) http://www.eesi.org/papers/view/fact-sheet-polling-the-american-public-on-climate-change-2014 This fact sheet provides information on climate change polling in the United States over the last year from a variety of sources. Overall, the studies show: Belief that climate change is happening and is caused by human actions is continuing to rise, but it still has not reached … Continue reading

Public Views on a Carbon Tax Depend on the Proposed Use of Revenue: New Report

National Surveys on Energy and Environment http://closup.umich.edu/files/ieep-nsee-2014-spring-carbon-tax.pdf [EcoWatch] While some U.S. are lukewarm on the idea of taxing fossil fuel companies for emitting carbon, more are willing to support a tax if the funds support cleaner energy. According to the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College’s Spring 2014 National Surveys on Energy and Environment (NSEE), … Continue reading

Hydraulic Fracturing and the Management, Disposal, and Reuse of Frac Flowback Waters: Views from the Public in the Marcellus Shale

Energy Research and Social Science (June 2014, v 2, p66-74; DOI: 10.1016/j.erss.2014.04.007) / By Gene L. Theodori, et al. sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214629614000401 [From an Energy Wire article by Nathaniel Gronewold, sub. req'd]  … people living in the counties hosting the most Marcellus [Shale] drilling activity report roughly equal amounts of familiarity and unfamiliarity with the process of … Continue reading

Efficiency Concerns Top Two New Energy Polls

University of Texas | OurEnergyPolicy.org UT Energy Poll OurEnergyPolicy.org [From Press Release]  Four out of five American consumers and energy professionals view energy efficiency as a personal priority and at least two out of three believe it could significantly reduce overall energy use if not for political squabbling, two new surveys show. Findings from the … Continue reading

Americans Now Support Renewables Over Fossil Fuels: Gallup

Gallup / by Brendan Moore and Stafford Nichols http://bit.ly/1q94YGI WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans still prefer energy conservation over production. After dwindling in recent years, Americans’ long-standing preference for emphasizing conservation over production in U.S. energy policy has rebounded, now matching levels seen in prior years. Currently 57% of Americans say the U.S. should emphasize conservation in … Continue reading

The Decline of Public Support for State Climate Change Policies: 2008-2013

National Surveys on Energy and Environment http://closup.umich.edu/files/ieep-nsee-2013-fall-state-policy-options.pdf [Press Release] Public support for some state climate change policies such as increasing fossil fuel taxes has significantly declined in the past five years, according to a University of Michigan survey. Opposition to states increasing fossil fuel taxes as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions increased by … Continue reading

“Fracking” Controversy and Communication: Using National Survey Data to Understand Public Perceptions of Hydraulic Fracturing

Energy Policy (in press 2013) / by Hilary Boudet, Christopher Clarke, Dylan Bugden, Edward Maibach, Connie Roser-Renouf and Anthony Leiserowitz http://bit.ly/1aPfXL3 [Yale Environment 360] Most Americans are uninformed and lack opinions on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a process used to extract oil and gas from rock formations, a new survey says. Fifty-eight percent of people … Continue reading

Public Support for Climate and Energy Policies in April 2013

Yale University | George Mason University http://environment.yale.edu/climate-communication/article/Climate-Policy-Support-April-2013 [Sightline Daily via Env-econ.net] Today Yale and George Mason are releasing the third report from their latest national survey, Public Support for Climate and Energy Policies in April 2013. … A majority—61 percent—supports a carbon tax that would help pay down the national debt. But, as is typical, opposition to … Continue reading

US Voters Favor a Carbon Tax by 4-1 Margin: Friends of the Earth

The Nellman Group for Friends of the Earth http://libcloud.s3.amazonaws.com/93/76/0/2698/Carbon_tax_survey.pdf (survey instrument and results) http://libcloud.s3.amazonaws.com/93/a8/b/2701/summary_national_carbon_tax_survey.pdf (summary) [From the Press Release]Sixty-seven percent of Americans would rather see the government tax carbon pollution rather than cut spending as a way of solving our budget problems. This is the result of a national survey of 1,000 voters by Mellman Group, … Continue reading