Environmentally Friendly Solutions Needed to Recycle Fracking Wastewater: Rice Univ. Study

Organic Compounds in Produced Waters from Shale Gas Well Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts (Published online Aug 13, 2014; DOI: 10.1039/C4EM00376D) / by Samuel J. Maguire-Boyle and Andrew R. Barron http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2014/EM/C4EM00376D#!divAbstract (free download with registration) [Press Release] Rice University scientists have performed a detailed analysis of water produced by hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) of three gas … Continue reading

The State of the World’s Rivers: Mapping the Health of the World’s Fifty Major River Basins

International Rivershttp://www.internationalrivers.org/worldsrivers/ [Yale Environment 360] A newly launched online database illustrates the impacts of nearly 6,000 dams on the world’s 50 major river basins, ranking their ecological health according to indicators of river fragmentation, water quality, and biodiversity. The “State of the World’s Rivers” project was developed by the advocacy organization International Rivers and created using Google … Continue reading

2014 Smart Grid System Report

US DOEhttp://www.energy.gov/oe/downloads/2014-smart-grid-system-report The Department of Energy has developed this biennial report to Congress in compliance with legislative language set forth in Section 1302 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. This report is designed to provide an update on the status of smart grid deployments nationwide, technological developments, and barriers that may affect … Continue reading

Transporting Crude Oil by Rail: State and Federal Action

National Conference of State Legislatures / by Sijia Qiu and Kristy Hartmanhttp://www.ncsl.org/research/energy/transporting-crude-oil-by-rail-state-and-federal-action.aspx Technological advances such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are driving the increase in oil and natural gas extraction and allowing access to shale resources in Canada and the U.S. that were previously uneconomical to develop. In fact, the United States became the No. … Continue reading

243 Cases of Water Contamination by Oil and Gas Drilling Activity: Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection

Water Supply Determination LettersPennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection http://bit.ly/1lyMfGG [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] Six years into a natural gas boom, Pennsylvania has for the first time released details of 243 cases in which companies prospecting for oil or gas were found by state regulators to have contaminated private drinking water wells. The Department of Environmental Protection on … Continue reading

Advanced Well Stimulation Technologies in California: An Independent Review of Scientific and Technical Information

California Council on Science and Technology http://ccst.us/projects/fracking_public/BLM.php/ [247WallStreet.com] Among the findings: Overall, in California, for industry practice of today, the direct environmental impacts of well stimulation practice appear to be relatively limited. If these well stimulation technologies enable a significant increase in production in the future, the primary impacts on California’s environment will likely be … Continue reading

Accelerating Sustainability: Demonstrating the Benefits of Transportation Technology

Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) / by Anthony Shaw http://digitalenergysolutions.org/dotAsset/933052fc-0c81-43cf-a061-6f76a44459d6.pdf As Americans prepare to travel in record numbers this Labor Day holiday weekend, the technology and transportation industries, along with representatives from AAA and academia, have released a new report detailing how technology can reduce U.S. oil consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and time wasted … Continue reading