Retrofit Chicago: Commercial Buildings Initiative – Best Practices Report

CBB & I/Shaw Group for the NRDC [Fierce Energy] Preliminary results of the Retrofit Chicago Commercial Buildings program — Chicago’s unique partnership to showcase energy efficiency efforts in the city’s biggest buildings, where dozens of the city’s most recognizable buildings have pledged to reduce their energy consumption by 20 percent over five years — … Continue reading

EU Reports Lowest Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Record

Annual European Union Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2012 and Inventory Report 2014 This report is the annual submission of the greenhouse gas inventory of the European Union to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. It presents greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2012 for EU-28, EU-15, individual Member States … Continue reading

Proximity to Coast Is Linked to Climate Change Belief: New Zealand Study

PLoS ONE (Published July 21, 2014; DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0103180) / by Taciano L. Milfont, et al. Psychologists have examined the many psychological barriers to both climate change belief and concern. One barrier is the belief that climate change is too uncertain, and likely to happen in distant places and times, to people unlike oneself. Related … Continue reading

Reducing Coastal Risks on the East and Gulf Coasts

National Research Council Hurricane- and coastal-storm-related losses have increased substantially during the past century, largely due to increases in population and development in the most susceptible coastal areas. Climate change poses additional threats to coastal communities from sea level rise and possible increases in strength of the largest hurricanes. Several large cities in the … Continue reading

The Harmonization of U.S. National Security and Climate Goals: Congressional Testimony

Brookings Institution / Testimony of David L. Goldwyn before the Subcommittee on International Development and Foreign Assistance, Economic Affairs, International Environmental Protection, and Peace Corps, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on July 22, 2014 Editor’s note: On July 22, David Goldwyn delivered testimony on the U.S. security implications of international energy and climate policies … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency Financing Models for Buildings Could Work for Natural Gas Vehicles

Applying the Energy Service Company Model to Advance Deployment of Fleet Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure Center for Climate and Energy Solutions This paper explores the opportunity for using ESCO-style service contracts to advance investment in natural gas vehicles by fleets. Starting with a brief overview of the ESCO market, this paper explains … Continue reading

The Illusion of Environmental Protection: Permitting Longwall Coal Mines in Pennsylvania — a Summary

Schmid & Co. for the Greene County Watershed Alliance [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] Pennsylvania’s review and permitting of new longwall coal mining operations is based on incomplete application data and as a result doesn’‍t protect the state’s water resources and air quality, according to a report released today by the Citizens Coal Council… [The report] uses as a … Continue reading

Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Electricity Generated by Shale Gas Less than Half That of Coal: NREL Study

Harmonization of Initial Estimates of Shale Gas Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Electric Power Generation Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Published online before print July 21, 2014; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1309334111) / by Garvin A. Heath, et al. …Through a meta-analytical procedure we call harmonization, we develop robust, analytically consistent, and updated comparisons … Continue reading

Public Views on a Carbon Tax Depend on the Proposed Use of Revenue: New Report

National Surveys on Energy and Environment [EcoWatch] While some U.S. are lukewarm on the idea of taxing fossil fuel companies for emitting carbon, more are willing to support a tax if the funds support cleaner energy. According to the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College’s Spring 2014 National Surveys on Energy and Environment (NSEE), … Continue reading